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3D Ultrasound question

Hello!! Has anyone had a 3D ultrasound at Storkvision.. I am looking for positive or negative feedback.... I heard about one place in NKY that was bad but cant remember where it was!  Thanks so much!

Re: 3D Ultrasound question

  • Awesome Thanks SO much!
  • I went to storkvision. They were wonderful!
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  • I was wondering the same thing. Great to hear positive feedback. Actually, I am just moving to NKY this week and need to find an OB asap. I am pregnant with twins and any info would be greatly appreciated. I heard St Elizabeth's is good but then other people seem to have very negative opinions of that hospital. I don't know what to think!
  • I have never given birth at ST E but one of my closet friends did and she was not happy... I am going to UC and I LOVE my DR she is amazing....  I hear Christ in Cincinnati has the top birthing center in the area    but i dont really know
  • I went to Christ and it was amazing!!
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