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Boca Hospital Preference

My Dr. is affiliated with Boca Regional and West Boca Medical Center.  Has anyone delivered at either of these hospitals? Any preferences? I haven't been on tours yet and as a first time mommy-to-be I'm not ever sure what I should be asking! 


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  • I'm a first timer too. I'm registered at West Boca. I've had many friends who've delivered there and they all say its great. I've heard it's one of the top 5 hospitals in Florida (at least in regards to maternity care/NICU). I recommend you to tour both hospitals, it's free anyways! I toured West Boca and they'll provide you with lots of information. The only thing I didn't like too much was that the rooms as well as equipment seem outdated. But as long as the quality is as good as everyone says, I'm not going to keep myself from receiving quality care because they may be in need of some renovating. Wink
  • Definitely tour both. I preferred west boca. They're getting ready to renovate I believe so a lot of their equipment and such will be updated. It was overall a good experience. My baby was well cared for. There was one nurses I didn't care for but luckily she was only there with me one day I was admitted on a Saturday night and released on a Thursday afternoon.
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  • I still have to take tours of two hospitals in Boca but I've heard West Boca is the one to go to based on what friends say. Can't wait to take a tour and make my decision from there. 
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  • I had my son at Boca Regional and we had the BEST experience. Long story short, I was not registered to deliver at Boca Regional but ended up there since my doctor was already there. After ariving, from the check in - to delivery - to maternity section - EVERY single nurse and staff we encountered was AWESOME! We keep in touch with the person that checked us in and even an ER Nurse who was around (on her break). Simply the sweetest staff we have dealt with and we highly recommend it. :-) Best of luck on whichever you choose. I could not say anything bad about Boca Regional.  

  • Thanks for the input! Going on a tour this weekend :-) 
  • I have had friends who have delivered at both.. Heard nothing but amazing things
  • Boca regional had the reputation for being natural friendly and they definitely lived up to that for myself and all my friends that delivered there. The breastfeeding support group there is amazing. I highly recommend it.
  • I delivered at Boca regional, the room was nice as far as I can remember.. Delivered back in January 2014. I did not get the lactation consultant to see me. Only downside to my stay.
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