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Push naps back or omit morning nap???

its getting harder an harder for my lo to go down for his morning nap......yet 6am to noon seems like a rally long time for him to stay awake...... Any advice? I. Was thinking of just pushing his morning nap back to 10 or 1030 and then lunch, play, and then his pm nap would be like 230??? Each nap being about an hour or so....does anyone have experience with this yet or think i should just omit the morning nap and then have his pm nap at noon right after lunch?..
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Re: Push naps back or omit morning nap???

  • I would slowly push it back till he was down to 1 nap.
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  • Fwiw, DD gets up at 6:15 and naps 12 to 2 with no morning nap. She does much better with one longer nap than two shorter ones.

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  • I'm having similar problem. Ds won't go down at 9 but it exhausted by 10:15. He has been napping like 10ish11:30 then isn't tired until 3:30 so naps then until 4:30/5 but then he isn't tired for regular bedtime at 7:30. He always wakes 6/6:30 a.m. no matter if bedtime is 6:30 or 9:30. My sister said to try one nap but I tried and it makes for a miserable cranky mess from 1011 until the nap then he only sleeps an hour until 12 and then is a cranky mess from 4:30 bedtime. So one nap didn't work for him yet but you could try it and see. It's hard when two naps mess with night time but one nap isn't enough.
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  • Not too long after he turned 1 DS really started fighting his afternoon nap. So we pushed back his morning nap and cut out the afternoon nap entirely. He's awake from 6am to about 11:30am, will then nap for about 2 hours give or take and then is awake till about 8:30pm. It sounds like your LO might be ready for just 1 nap a day. 
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