3rd Trimester

farewell pregnancy!!!

Thanks for all of the great and supportive advice some of you have given me over the last stretch of my pregnancy.

My son, Henry Gordon, was born Thursday night at 11:05pm.  I ended up following doctor's orders and going with the induction.  I agree with a lot of people's opinions that 42 weeks is ideal and post-term, but for us inducing at 41 weeks and 1 day ended up being what was right for us.  Henry had already started to pass merconium, but luckily did not inhale any of it.    

Unfortunately my son's head ended up getting wedged in my pelvis in a way that even though I was fully dilated I could not push him out.  After seven hours of laboring at 10cm I couldn't take it anymore and the pain medicine wasn't enough and agreed to a c-section.  Fortunately Henry and I are on the mend and doing very well.  I am grateful for my beautiful baby boy.  Also, the doctor who delivered him had a 10% c-section rate, and would have allowed me to keep pushing if I had so desired.  

Again, thanks for answering questions and best wishes for all the summer babies to come!

Re: farewell pregnancy!!!

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