I thought I had prepared myself.

One year ago today I had my first er visit, which would result in 3 total er visits and finally being hospitalized, transferred and induced. Even though they could find nothing abnormal in my blood or urine, aside from slight dehydration from all the vomiting, and it was a clear case of my gall bladder going bad, I still see it as the trip that was the start of the end of my pregnancy. I knew today was going to be rough, I did everything I could to mentally and emotionally prepare, but it still hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. I really wish I could just snuggle up DD and get back in bed instead of go to work today.
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Re: I thought I had prepared myself.

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    ((((hugs))) Anniversary days are hard.  I know that the day that I was hospitalized, as well as other significant dates, will always be ingrained in my memory. 
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