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Year round schools?

So my kids and I just moved to nc and here they have year round schools that run off a track schedule.. Well my daughter starts july11 and I was wondering if anyone had experience with it?

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  • we just moved to NC too. My nieces just started year round this month. They like it so far. They will have a week off next week and then start the next grade. Everyone I know likes it. DS will start K next year and we will probably go with year round. They have an option for traditional schools here also. Good luck
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  • We don't have it but honestly, overall I love the concept with the exception that I really, really want my kids to have the chance to experience going to overnight camp in the summer.  I went for 3-4 weeks every summer from the summer before 1st through the summer before 9th.  Some of best childhood memories are from that.  I would have a hard time with my kids not having that experience.  I would love an extended school year with a shorter summer break and more shorter breaks throughout the year but I still would love to see 5-6 weeks of an actual summer vacation so we can take a family vacation and the kids can do overnight camp.
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    I wish we did!  Not enough break during the year and 3 full months off in the summer is way too much.  I like the idea of having things spaced out with little breaks here and there and then a "longer" summer break of a few weeks instead of 100 days or whatever it is now.  I hate that the first 6 weeks of school is basically getting adjusted to a new teacher/new rules and catching the kids up on all the stuff they forgot over the summer; it seems like such a waste to me.


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