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Ok FTM here. I was going to sign up for childbirth classes at my hospital, but between buying a house and packing I forgot and now they are all full. I'm due August 21st and I'm worried that I've missed my chance to take a class. Did you guys take classes? Are they that important? What if I don't take one?

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  • I am FTM too but 3 of my friends that recently had babies, found the childbirth classes not necessary. If you are planning on med free there are few books I think that people recommend. All my friends and myself are getting epi so all I feel I really need to know is what labor signs to look for (you can find online or ask your OB) and when to call the hospital. I think the nurses there will be instructing me what to do anyway. If you feel you need more information maybe watch online videos of birth process? 
  • I didn't take any classes and my kids survived just fine. Wink

    I did sign for up a breastfeeding class though this pregnancy.



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    I'm due in a month and I didn't feel the need to sign up for any. I felt that there were tons of resources online I could tap into if I felt I was struggling with anything and I have a few friends who are moms that I can rely on if I need to. I'm just going to go with the flow and hopefully I won't regret not taking the classes. :)
  • I think it really depends on your hospital. We took a 5 week course and felt it was invaluable, but mostly because it got us familiar with our hospital and their practices. I was relieved to find that things that were important to me, that I thought I might have to "fight" for (such as immediate skin-to-skin contact, delayed cord clamping, baby rooming in with mom & not being taken to nursery for routine testing) are actually their standard practices. We learned about stages of labor, when to call the Dr, when to go to the hospital, how to labor at home as long as possible to avoid monitoring & intervention that can happen if you go when you're still in early labor, in addition to breathing & relaxation techniques. I think plenty of women have babies every day and never take a class, but my husband and I are VERY glad that we did take the one offered at our hospital.
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  • No not really necessary. There are plenty of birthing movies and books that are informative and cover everything you'd learn at a birthing class. Or ask your friends and family for birthing advice and stories. Most women are more than happy to share. You get better tips from other moms. Books and classes cover the technical stuff. Other moms will tell you what no one else will.
  • You'll be fine if you don't make it to classes. But, if its important to you to take them, call around to the other hospitals and see if they have any space. I took my classes at a different hospital than I delivered at.
  • We couldn't b/c of my bed rest.  I've been told l&d nurses are great coaches.
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  • My DH and I just took our class this weekend. I'm really glad we went, I found it to be pretty thorough, although a lot of the info I was already familiar with. I really think my DH benefited from the class, he had no idea of what to expect and I think he is much better prepared now. Although there are tons of resources online and in books I don't think my DH would have sought out the info on his own. All that being said, attending the class was important to me so I made sure I got in one, I don't think it's something everyone has to do to be prepared.

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  • This is the point I am at. I found one class not full but not at my hospital. I have a separate tour scheduled for our hospital already, but not sure if we want to spend the money for the class. Still on the fence on what we gonna do

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    We went to the classes and I enjoyed them and all but I felt like I could have gotten the same information from reading books or using google. The best thing I got out of them, however, was the ld tour. So, if you decide to not do the classes, I would highly suggest setting up a tour with your hospital.
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  • I am taking a 4 week class once every Monday starting in July, I am a FTM also so I want to know as much as I can. The insurance also paid for my classes so I decided to sign up. If you want to take classes I am sure there are places locally that may offer childbirth classes in your area other than your hospital. Good luck

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  • My husband and I have our last class of a 4 part series this week. The cost was only $75 and I totally feel like it's been worth it. It includes labor and delivery, pain management, hospital tour and lastly infant care. My husband knew nothing about babies or labor and delivery, so getting him on the same page makes me feel a lot more comfortable. When things start getting intense I know he will be there to remind me of what to do. I've read lots of books and blogs and things, but I think getting advice from a medical professional is very important. Both of us have learned a lot and it's cute to hear him talk on the phone to his family and tell them the stuff we learned. I feel a lot less anxiety now. By the way, there are people in my class who could give birth any minute - so I don't think it's too late.
  • I took them with my first pregnancy and honestly the only class I took anything from was the breastfeeding class. Otherwise it was a waste of time for us.
  • I've known moms who have done them and moms who haven't...everyone ends up having their babies and does fine!  It's a personal preference.  Are you someone who likes to be prepared? Are you a "planner"?  If so, you should take the classes.  Also, do you want to meet other moms and dads-to-be?  If so, it's a great thing to do.  I ended up becoming very close friends with another mom-to-be from my childbirth class.  I'm soooo glad I took the class for that reason.  We were able to share stories and advice after our babies were born and we got together for play dates.  The information is helpful too but didn't do me much good since I ended up having a C-section.  If you plan to breastfeed, definitely worth taking a BFing class.  I took one and learned a great deal and it boosted my confidence about breastfeeding. 
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  • If you are really worried about not taking the class, check into your hospital, as ours offers a "take home child birth kit class"  where you go and pick up this tub of movies and papers that give you a little of everything that you may need to know
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  • We went to a childbirth class and I honestly didn't learn anything that I didn't already know. My sister just had a baby so I ask her lots of questions. I did like that we got a tour of the maternity ward. I would reccomend taking a breastfeeding class if you are planning on breastfeeding. I did learn a ton in that class!
  • I'm in one and I'm so grateful I am. I'm also very grateful my husband is in it.
  • I'm doing some home study courses.  I am so happy I opted to do those, personally (I also wasn't going to be able to make any in-person classes).  I learned a lot.  Most of it was pretty obvious... I've been a nanny for years and have attended a few labors as part of my job, but there were other things that I didn't know about and was happy to find out now were "normal" before they happened to me and I freaked out about it! 

    I'm also planning a natural birth so I opted to do a birth hypnosis class that has REALLY helped how I view labor and delivery.  Rather than being afraid I'm actually really excited for the experience.  So I'm also really happy I did that one!

    For basic stuff check out The Pink Kit and if you want to get a hypnosis class going I recommend GentleBirth.  Between the two you're only going to spend $150-ish and get a really well rounded "birth education".

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