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Lexapro during pregnancy?

Is anyone else out there taking Lexapro and pregnant? My OB says it's ok, but I can't help but be nervous. To be honest, I tried to take myself off of it in my first few weeks, and I was horribly anxious and depressed and moody. As soon as I went back onto my dose, things were good again. 

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    Don't worry, sweetie. I took Celexa (the sister med of Lexapro) through both pregnancies. Babies are totally fine. OB, high risk ob,and shrink all assured me it was fine. Better for the baby to have a happy mama.

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  • I took lexapro while breastfeeding DD and all through this recent pregnancy with DS. I was taking 10 mg but upped it to 20 mg after my son was born last month. Both kids are healthy and happy and I feel great! Don't feel bad about taking it if you need it.

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