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Backpack with specific dimensions

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Do DS is going to part time school in Sept and he needs a backpack with specific dimensions.  12 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 5 inches deep.  Anyone experience this and have a brand that would work?  Thanks so much!
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Re: Backpack with specific dimensions

  • imagesmsalat:
    Pretty much it sounds like they want a standard sized backpack, and NOT those small ones that they make for little kids that parents will buy to fit the body size better (because you really can't fit much of anything in those and they want room to put projects, extra clothes, lunches, etc in them) ??????  That is my only thought of why they put specific dimensions.

    This is kind of what I was thinking. 

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  • I agree with all the above posters, it means NOT the "Jr" backpacks or "Small" backpacks.

    Garnet Hill is what we use: They often do a "free lunchbox with backpack purchase" promotion in late August. :)

    At Pottery Barn Kids, you would need the "large" backpack. Not the mini or small.


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