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DD is SO whiny the past couple of days. If I step away from the room, it is drama. I think she is having a hard time with teething and DH being gone (the whining started the day after he left).

Any other whiny LOs?

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Re: whining

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    OMG! Yes! I prefer crying to the whining...at least if he is crying that means that there is something wrong that I can fix!

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    OMG... YES!!

    I know its teething and separation anxiety but its to the extreme! I cant even pee without a total nuclear meltdown happening outside the door. I have been holding DD for at least 70% of the day or she will just cry and cry! I wish I could help... teeth suck! 

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    yes! between teething,separation anxiety, and baby brother getting any attention he never stops. and of course his fussing causes little brother to fuss so its very loud in my house. if i even think about stepping over the gate to go to the kitchen he knows it and starts whining. 8pm doesnt come soon enough nowadays
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    My DS is the same and wakes up a little whiny too..he's been a barnacle lately.
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    Oh man....believe me, the whining now is NOTHING compared to the whining of a 2-3 year old.  I have both, and I'd take her whining over his any day, at least she has a reason to whine.  The best is when she starts whining and he chimes in with whining mostly because she is.  Yay!

    They may actually put me over the edge.  I'm seriously about to lose my ever lovin' mind over here!!!


    Just you wait.....................Yup, I said it.  ;)

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    Yes yes and YES. It's a recent occurance and almost night and day from how he used to be. It all started when we went on vacation. I think being in another country and jetlag plus teething has a lot to do with it.
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