Hello ladies!  Just wanted to introduce myself.  My DH and I live in Florida and just went to our first State Adoption Orientation and will be starting PRIDE soon.  We have another orientation next week and then will choose the class that works best for us.  We are doing State Adoption.  A little about me.  Mid thirties and have been TTC for 4 years.  Some Fertility treatment but no luck and spent the past 6-12 months reading and contemplating adoption as our direction in building our family.  I know it is a long road and appreciate all of your posts, advice, support and friendship that I have seen on this board.  I look forward to talking to each of you through the process.

Live like there is no tomorrow..Love like you have never been hurt...

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  • They both do PRIDE (I live in Miami).  One does not start until Sept and is on week nights and the other starts earlier (hopefully on Saturdays).  In Florida they contract out to different agencies to place children.  There are 9 Agencies you can do your training/home study with.  I called 4 of them that the State suggested and only two got back to me quickly.  You can file with each contract group.  Very different then I expected.  They said the home study takes about 6 weeks here so not very bad.  I moved here from Virginia last year.  Trying to navigate the State.  I did have a great feeling tonight and felt that finally I am doing the right thing.  IF takes a toll on you as many know.  :-) Thanks for the welcome!
    Live like there is no tomorrow..Love like you have never been hurt...
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  • Welcome to the board!! We are in the final process of adopting our two sons from foster care.  Best thing I have ever done. :) GL with your journey!!
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  • Welcome! We are doing international adoption, but we also went through fertility issues (started TTC in 2010) and decided adoption was a better choice for us.

    Can't wait to hear more about your journey! 

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    After 2 years of IF workups/treatments and 2 IUIs, we have closed the door on fertility treatments.
    We are very excited to be pursuing international adoption from China!
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  • Thank you!  I look forward to hearing your journeys also and sharing.  It is exciting and scary at the same time.  Thank you again for the warm welcome.
    Live like there is no tomorrow..Love like you have never been hurt...
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