could your LO put her feet in her mouth?

I was at the mechanic and these old ladies where there saying how it was so cute when babies put their feet in their mouths and did she do that?  Well, she seems to want to.  She picks up her feet and looks at them.  But she does not have the abs to get them close to her mouth.  She's 5 1/2 months, 4 adjusted.  She's keeping up on other fronts, but I think maybe because she was so floppy from not being crunched up inside that she just won't do this?  

Re: could your LO put her feet in her mouth?

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    takmjstakmjs member

    My daughter, 17 months/15 adjusted, never really did that. She could bend over from a sitting position and put her mouth at her feet, but she never put them into her mouth from laying down or sitting that I can ever remember.

    i say no biggie. Some kids skip doing things or just don't have interest in it. 

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    JennZKJennZK member
    Our PT has been pushing for that too and my LO doesn't do it. He's 10mo. 7 adjusted. When he's in the sitting position he will bend in half and eat at the floor, lol, but when he's on his back he wont even try. If I put them to his face he pushes them away. His toys must be more interesting. I agree that I think some kids don't do certain "milestones", I use that term loosely because feet in the mouth doesn't seem like a major achievement to me if they have the ability to be flexible. 
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    I remember wondering about that too, because DS never did it either, but our pedi never mentioned it.  I don't think he even tried to play with his feet until he was learning to sit and basically face planted in them all the time.

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    Pips09Pips09 member
    I don't remember ever seeing my baby do that.
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    My DD is 5 months adjusted and has been doing that for about 2-3 weeks.



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    tlk432tlk432 member
    I don't remember my little guy putting his feet in his mouth. He would grab them and hold onto them.
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    DrRxDrRx member
    My daughter (26-weeker) started doing that when she was about 10 months actual.  She only really did it when she had socks on and was either in the stroller or the car seat.  It was so cute when she "found" her feet.  Smile
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