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How far in advance do you start planning?

1st birthday - about 5 weeks

2nd birthday - idea and first purchase about 11 months in advance, actual planning about 2 months in advance

3rd birthday - theme planned and purchased some items already, pinning like crazy, reserved room at children's museum (8 months until party)

Am I alone? Does anyone else plan way in advance?



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Re: How far in advance do you start planning?

  • DS's birthday is in mid November but since I usually can't find nice partyware, favors and such here in Italy I start planning way in advance so if someone goes to the US or comes from there to visit, I can have them bring me the items I buy online on american sites; and since I start choosing themes so early then I also start planning decorations, food, location and such way early

    I already have bought all the partyware, favors, deco and other stuff; chosen the date and location, made the guest list, have 2 cake designs I like, some food ideas and lots of other things on mind

    For DD's first birthday next Jan. I've chosen the theme, guest list and have 2 possible locations

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  • I start thinking of ideas relatively early, but don't start the planning process, booking and buying, until 4 months out
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  • I love this board and I am mad I do not usually get to see it because I mobile bump.  But to answer:

    DS1's 1st birthday about 6 months out. 

    2nd birthday about 3 months out.

    3rd birthday started last month so 3 months again.

    DS2's just starting to think 8 months out.

    I am planning to be less crazy the older they get since they will get more input!

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  • For LOs December birthday, I reserved the venue in March. Our town is limited on nice places to host a party, so I knew we had to book early being so close to Christmas. 

    I have already decided on the theme and have begun making notes about decor and food, but have not started buying.  

  • I think I planned DS's abotu 2 months in advance. I feel like I'd better get started NOW on DD's bc life is that much busier. I have a theme and have started pinning some ideas, but that's as far as I've gotten right now.

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  • 3-6 months out


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  • I normally start planning a couple of months in advance and start buying things about a month - 6 weeks in advance.  There is really no way to know if DS would still be into the same things 8 months ago, as he is now, so that is normally why I have waited.


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  • Well, I started getting excited about planning a few months before I had DS....

    I have less than 4 months left, and I still haven't picked a theme...I have the date set though...Maybe...haha. 

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  • NydaPNydaP member
    I start gathering ideas about 6 months in advance but I'm a big procrastinator and I end up actually planning closer to 4 to 6 weeks in advance.  I'm working on that.  
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  • Yep.  I was already thinking of DD's first while still PG with her.  I started pinning things on Pinterest the day after DS's 1st birthday.  I get excited about planning and I can't help it.  I also like having that time to really think of all the details, combing sites for ideas, and looking out for deals.  It stresses me out when people say they don't start planning until 2 months in advance. 
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  • I plan waaay too early. 
    Wow, you guys are planners! I'm usually about 6wks before the big day.

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  • DSs bday is June and DDs December so when one is done I usually start thinking about the other. My kids will usually want to talk about "their" party as soon as their siblings is over. I will start looking on pinterest for ideas. I wont really lock in a theme until about 4 months out and probably start purchasing 2 months out. I love planning my kids parties and I am a SAHM so I have plenty of time to do so!  :)
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