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Present for boy 6 years old

My friends boy is turning 6....what are they into?!  I am looking to spend about $40-50. 

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Re: Present for boy 6 years old

  • Legos, beyblades, playmobil, science or construction kits, games.
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  • Our go-to boy presents right now (for 6-7 year olds) are science or construction kits or remote control vehicles. There is a great toy store near us, and they have some science type kits where you build "green" vehicles that are run off the sun or wind power. The kits are usually around $40.
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  • My son is turning 6 in a couple weeks and he still loves the Imaginext toys. Such a great brand! He's also into Legos and asking for Star Wars sticker books. I'm ordering one of these stomp rockets based on the good reviews.

     Amazon: stomp rocket


    I second legos, beyblades, and the stomp rocket.

    DS games if the child has a DS.  There's even some pretty good educational ones out there.

    Movies or board games are also a good option if you know what he does and doesn't have.  Or you could even do a "movie night" fun pack with a new release movie or two, a box of microwave popcorn, items to make microwave smores or just some movie theater candy, maybe a sleeping bag if he doesn't have one.

    DS was given a "make your own" birdhouse kit last year that was a big hit.  He needed some help from dad, but basically you got pre-cut pieces that you nailed and glued together.  Then you paint it, add some bird food, and hang it in the yard.

    Another option would be a subscription to a kid's magazine like Ranger Rick or pick out a good beginning reader series like Biscuit and get a few books in the set. 



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  • depending on their personality the kits are a good idea, but some of the 6 year old boys I know would much prefer a giant super soaker squirt gun :)
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