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Straw or sippy cup??

Which do you prefer (which are easier for transition?) and why??
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Re: Straw or sippy cup??

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    We've never used a sippy cup, but DD loves her straw cups. She gets a litte confused because she tries to tip the cup back, so we have to remind her to hold it down to sip out of :)

    She also just likes to drink out of a regular cup. We just hold it for her.

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    DD hated sippy cups, she couldn't figure out how to drink out of it and would just throw them. She did take to straw cups easily and it made it easier for us at restaurants and outings.
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    We use both but my kids seem to prefer the straws.  My toddler generally uses an open cup now but we still use the straw/sippys for on the go.

    There are some theories out there that traditional hard spout sippy cups can cause dental and speech problems.  I don't know if I believe that but since they like the straws we'll go that way anyway.

    The only con to straws are they can be a pain to wash and easy to lose (our garbage disposal has claimed a few already)  

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    We have both and Ella prefers the straw cups. Its tough for her to tip her head back far enough to use the sippy cups well. And now that we have dropped to two BFing sessions a day, its important to me that I know she is getting enough milk from her cups. 
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    DD prefers straws and she's less messy with them too.  I will say, funny story: We found a rogue cup under the couch (had only been a couple days) that still had juice in it.  I guess pressure had built up inside because when I flipped the top open to take it apart, I got a juice shower.  My DH about peed himself.
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    DD drinks from a sippy or a regular cup.  We used Tommee Tippee bottles, and they make a starter sippy cup, which she has used since about 7-8 months.  We also use the Take & Toss sippies. 

    Straw cups are actually better for their teeth (the drink doesn't touch their teeth much because it goes further back in their mouth).  DD only drinks water, so it doesn't matter.  I have always tried to stick with straw cups or regular cups for DS's milk.

    DS born 8/8/09 and DD born 6/12/12.
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