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anyone in the middle east?

Moving to Saudi Arabia in January 2014 with a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy.  Any tips? Anyone them?

Re: anyone in the middle east?

  • Hi! I'm not on here very much but I'm in the Middle East, I live in Bahrain (just next door) with my DH and 4 month old DD. my DH and I actually grew up in Saudi, so let me know if you have any questions, what part are you moving to?

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  • I am Dubai. Are you moving to Riyadh or Jeddah? Compound?
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  • Thanks ladies!  We are moving to a newly built compound in Jubail.  Husband will go over in October and the kids and I will join him after the holidays.  It should be a fun adventure to say the least.  Any suggestions to make the transition to Saudi go smoothly?  Other tips and pointers that don't show up in books?  I appreciate the advice! 

  • Also, I need to purchase an abaya and I'd love to do so online if possible.  Any recommended sites?  Pointers for buying one?  I know black and I will have a scarf with me at all times but I would love any help you can give me for what to get.  I was thinking cotton or linen, something breathable.  Should I be looking for a different fabric?  


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  • Estrayas you are awesome!  When we started talking about the move the kids were involved so they are quite excited about everything.  Dow offers Arabic classes which we will all take and I will buy the rosetta stone series as extra curricula.  I appreciate the abaya link.  You are a rock star, thanks so much for the help.


    I'd always wanted to live abroad but I must admit that sausdi was not in my top ten.  It will be an incredible journey so all is well.




  • Just popping in again! Re: the abaya, unfortunately they aren't usually made in cotton, which makes the summers fun. :-/ Although if you ever come to Bahrain, you won't need to wear one which is nice! :) However, I'm sure if you found a basic one you liked, you MAY be able to purchase a black cotton fabric and have one made -just have the tailor just copy the one you like.  I know Jubail is about an hour from Khobar which is where most of my knowledge lies. Most everyone speaks English here so that will be an easy transition... however, having grown up here, I REALLY wish I had learned some sort of Arabic, we were on an American compound so no need really. But it will be at least beneficial to have the basics down. :)

     Will you have a driver? That will make things much easier for you if so. I think everything is what you make it and it sounds like you have a good outlook on coming out here. Let me know if you need any other guidance! :) There is also a TON of Western restaurants and shopping available for you in Khobar, along with most grocery stores which carry American items. Happy to help! 

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  • Estreyas, good to know about Bertlitz.  i will have to see what Dow offers us.  Arabic classes for all of us is on the docket, and the kids will have Arabic classes in school as well.  

    I'd love some general expat-based reading and pointers.  I have lived abroad solo but this is the first time to move with a family.  Thanks for the help!

    Jupiter, we will have a driver and regular bus routes for us to use so I am not as concerned about getting around.  We are pretty used to using public transport/commuting in the states so coordinating schedules shouldn't be too much of a hassle once I get plugged into the system.  

    Thanks for the support, encouragement and enthusiasm ladies!
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