Questions for lawyer and prospective birth mother

Ok...I'm new here. We just had our third failed ivf and are getting more serious about adopting.

we had a call from a lawyer friend of ours saying he may have a potential private adoption. All we know right now is that the birth mother is 4 months along and the child is biracial (which we dont mind what the race is).

husband is going to call the lawyer tomorrow to follow up. What questions should we ask? 

Re: Questions for lawyer and prospective birth mother

  • I'm sure other people will have other stuff to say-- -but:

     1. Do you have a homestudy completed? Typically, you need that done- definitely before the birth of the child.

     2. Ask about cost- total cost plus a really solid breakdown:  how much is the lawyer fees versus how much is expectant mother expenses

    3. Ask about prenatal care

    4. Ask if the emom wants an open or closed adoption and make sure you're comfortable with what she is hoping for.

    5. Ask about any risks/exposures for the baby... 


    That's what I can think of off the top of my head. 

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  • crpatecrpate member
    Thanks for your help. We are working n the homestudy and background check stuff now!
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