Foster Adopt Moms, Can You Tell Me...

What the process is for requesting info about Heart Gallery children?The back story is that we are in the middle of a DIA. We have a valid home study and are currently waiting for a match. Our agency also has a new beginnings program for kids who are legally free to be adopted from the state. There is this little girl I have been looking at for over a year. She is the same age as my son and seems to have some medical delays/special needs. She is 4 and her blurb says that she is learning to walk.nbsp;nbsp;I am just wondering what the process is to find out more about her and see if her needs are something that we feel equipped to handle. We do have a valid home study, I just don't know if only licensed foster parents can inquire about a child, or if anyone can? Are you obligated to do anything further if you just inquire? I am sure we would have to put the domestic adoption on hold if we chose to pursue this now. I would really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on this process for me.nbsp;Thanks!!nbsp;
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Re: Foster Adopt Moms, Can You Tell Me...

  • If its through your agency I would just call them. I can't see why there would be any requirements after just asking about someone but then again I am just in the very beginning stages.
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