Anyone dealing with ESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA?

My twin girls are 2 weeks old, born at 36w5d - one of my girls was diagnosed with 

ESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA at the time of birth and had surgery at 1 day old to correct it.  Was looking to see if anyone else went through this with their child and what their outcome was.

 She is still in the hospital being fed via tube - she had her first swallow test last week and failed, they just redid it today and she failed again due to a small leak. My husband and I are feeling defeated and all we want is to get our girl home.  Anyone who's been through this I would love to hear your experience.

Re: Anyone dealing with ESOPHAGEAL ATRESIA?

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    +ASH++ASH+ member
    I can't help with advice, but I'll be praying for both of your girls and you and your DH!
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    tlk432tlk432 member
    No experience, but lots of good thoughts heading your way for you and your little one.
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