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movie suggestions

Not sure how many people come on anymore but I am looking for suggestions so hoping someone might see this and answer.  My office is sponsoring a movie in the park on July 3rd.  It is mostly 4-8 year old kids that come to watch the movies with their parents, and the movie can not be a Disney Movie - share your thoughts:
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Re: movie suggestions

  • Despicable Me is a great movie for kids.


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  • I just looked at all our kids movies and the only non-Disney one we have is all Dogs Go To Heaven.


    Other ideas:


    Fly Away Home

    The Neverending Story

    The Land Before Time

    Iron Giant

    Charlotte's Web

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  • Thanks for your suggestions - we narrowed it down to Despicable Me, Escape From Planet Earth, and Iron Giant.  We give it to the park and rec company and they let us know the copyright prices of each, then we will decide. 
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