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How to stop a 18 month old from hitting

My dd hits me when she does not get her way or when she is telling me no. She will even smack a spoon out of my hand and say no when she is done eating. How do I correct this behavior? I currently have been grabbing her hand when she does this and tell her in a firm voice, not to hit. She then leans in and gives me a kiss and a hug, but she will do it again. This has been going on for a few months now and I am just not sure how to correct it. Any suggestions?

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Re: How to stop a 18 month old from hitting

  • I'd like to know too. LO will push things away or dump things over on his chair. He knows "all done" but doesn't do it anymore. He will also hit me sometimes I tell him no but he laughs and does it again. Maybe they don't know?
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  • The first step is to make sure no one else is doing this behavior to her. Next there are many approaches, you just have to try them out for a while to see what works. You can try: ignoring the behavior and only rewarding her when she tells you in a proper way, putting her in a time out (even just putting her down if you're holding her) and give a firm no, and sometimes displaying emotions like pain and saddness (i.e. "Ouch that hurts" or fake crying) - be careful though as kids like to mimic behavior. The 3rd part of correcting this behavior is consistancy. Do the same thing everytime it happens, no matter where it happens. You may get others chiming in telling you how you need to change your approach, but just keep blazing your trail. It's hard, but consistancy and time will get you through it.

    I've had to do all of the above for DS during hitting, biting and snaching toys from others. As kids get older, even just a week or two, it will sink in. GL!

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  • My DD is doing this too.  Along with ear-piercing screeching and throwing food on the floor and doing other things I don't really like!  With the hitting, I tell her to touch gently, and she knows what that means because she'll touch herself very nicely.  If she keeps hitting, I put her down and redirect.  I've found that it's pretty much the only thing that works.  Ugh, I think we have some terrible-twos on our hands!
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  • hway24hway24 member
    I am so happy to know my DS is not the only one doing these things! I'm at a lost for what to do, but it makes me feel better to know it's not just me.
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