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Re-Intro and (another!) Travel Question

Hello there!  I feel like I've intro'd here before, but I may have imagined it.

We are an American/Mexican/Venezuelan family living in Aberdeen.  Our twins were born in September 2012 in the US and we made the big trip over here when they were about 10 weeks old.  I normally hang out in the Multiples board, but I do have a question for the international crowd!

We are hoping to make a trip to Venezuela this year to see DH's family, who haven't met LOs yet.  We'd probably go via AirFrance.  The twins will be right around 1 year-13 months old.

My concern is that we will NEED the carseats once we get there, so we have to take them.  But how convenient is it to take them ON the plane to use?  We will be lugging around two...and have them in the airport, etc.  

And if we DONT take the seats on board, what else can we do with them? THey'll be too big for the bassinets, is it even worth it to get them a seat?



Re: Re-Intro and (another!) Travel Question

  • ccip82ccip82 member

    We are also expats living in Aberdeen and I have made the trip back to the States a couple times with DD. We usually fly KLM/Air France/Delta and I am really happy with their service (especially KLM-they are awesome when traveling solo with kids!)

    I flew solo this past February with DD (she was 14 months old) She was a lap baby (albeit large one). Because it was a slow time of year for travel between Europe and the US, I ended up with a seat for DD for every flight. I am not sure I would have survived the flight without at 12-13 months I would highly recommend getting at least one seat and having one lap baby. If you do not and end up with a baby on each lap, it can make the flight(s) really stressful (it is impossible to pull the stupid seat tray down with a baby on your lap) Unless you are flying business class...

    In regards to the car seats. I have never brought DD's on the plane. She would rather sit with me than in the car seat, so for me it would be a total waste. DD is still BF and often times likes to nurse more on the flights. Taking her in and out of a seat for me would be a PITA. Also, I am not sure if all car seats are compatible with airline seats and regulations.

    We are lucky in regards DH's parents and my parents have a car seat for us to use whenever we fly back to the States. When we moved to Aberdeen, we checked her car seat. (although some people do not recommend this because of unknown damage the car seat could sustain during the flights and transfers) I ended up buying this bag off amazon for added protection.

    Usually when traveling either DH or I will wear DD. We just took a couple of European trips with DD and ended up putting her in a backpack carrier and leaving the stroller at home. For us this worked out really well as we both had our hands free-plus we were able to take the backpack carrier on the plane as a carry on. (Our carrier fits in the overhead compartment.)

    I do not envy you traveling with twins. I think that the hardest age to travel with children is between the ages of 1-2! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I am sorry for the super long response and that I could not be more help!



    sibling love  

  • Thank you so much for your response! Your insight is very helpful. Have you ever travelled and rented a car? Or do you mostly use public transportation?

    Our options are 2 business class with 2 lap babies but can't sit next to each other because of oxygen masks, possibly 3 business class or 4 economy seats. And now I'm not sure what well do about carseats when we get thereseems so bulky to take two of them.
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  • ccip82ccip82 member

    No problem :)

    Yes, we traveled to Spain this spring and rented a car with a car seat and just got back from France/Germany/Austria where we also rented car and car seat. We went with well known rental companies and I was satisfied with the quality of the car seats. We did end up taking an overnight train on our last trip...which was interesting to say the least. DH and I prefer to get out and see a lot of the countryside (we love hiking) so taking public transport would limit us to what we could see and we also do not like being tied down with timetables.

    A possibility- could you purchase car seats and have them delivered to your DH's family? (not sure what type of car seats are available in Venezuela though) Depending on how many times you plan to travel there, now that your twins are bigger a convertible car seat can last a couple years...or you can give it family members who might have use of it? This is definitely not the cheapest option though!

    As far as tickets going off the options you gave, I would say the two business class seats would be the best bet. I am assuming you are paying your own travel expenses? So to me, I couldn't justify spending a lot of money on a business class seat for a one year old. (My DH's company provides us with a travel allowance, which includes business class fare for all of us, but we are too cheap, buy standard fare and bank the rest of it!) Even if you could not sit right next to each other, you could be in the same row at least. If I remember correctly most business class seats are two per side so you would not be able to sit next to each other anyway. Sorry if this is rambling on...thinking out loud here!

    Also, since we live in the same area- I am part of an expat community here that has its own Mom and Tots group if you and the twins are ever interested. It is made up woman from various backgrounds and it has been great for both DD and I for meeting people here.

    Good luck on your trip!



    sibling love  

  • I would get one seat and bring on one carseat even though there are two of them! That'll get you a full row on the plane and give you the option to put one down if they fall asleep. 

  • I'm an FA for a Canadian Airline. The advice I can offer you is exactly what 'this decaf life' said. At least take one car seat. It sucks to travel with so much stuff for those little ones, but trust me - having an option to put them in a car seat is not only the safest way for them to travel, but a lot easier on mom and dad. The only way for the 4 of you o sit in the same row is to (dependent on the airline and their restrictions) purchase one mid. Now, that doesn't work if you take 2 car seats. Its also one adult per child. Fling over the states has different regulations in regards to car seats. Some places allow for unpaid car seats (stby). Def. check with the airline you are flying in regards to their allowance. Maybe someone in the destination has some car seats for you to borrow?

    Good luck! PS..sorry I'm all over the place in this post...darn baby brain!! 

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