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Left Leg Feels Disconnected from Hip

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I'm 33.5 weeks pregnant. For the past two weeks I've had swelling in the ankles and feet. Well, I no longer have ankles, but ykwim.

I have been propping my feet up, drinking tons of water, etc.

Today, my left leg feels like I can't put pressure on it. It's difficult to walk, but not really painful. It doesn't bother me if I'm sitting down, only when standing/walking. It's been like that for a few hours now. 

Also, my leg feels like it's disconnected from my hip. Again, not painful, but it feels like I need to pop it back into place.

My right leg is not having these issues, other than the swelling.  

Anyone else having or had similar issues in this or previous pregnancies?  


Re: Left Leg Feels Disconnected from Hip

  • Sounds like SPD. This is exactly how I feel on my right side and it's very painful for me.
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  • Firstly, have you gotten the swelling checked out by a doctor?

    Seeing a good chiro who is used to working with pregnant woman can really help your situation. I find chiro's are often more through, better at explaining things, and coming up with things you can do to ease your discomfort than a GP. J

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  • imageCaliforniaDream87:
    Sounds like SPD. This is exactly how I feel on my right side and it's very painful for me.

    I was just going to say "welcome to the fun life of having SPD." I've had mine since about 19 weeks, and it really is a pain. It usually only gets worse as pregnancy goes on. I would recommend using a pregnancy pillow that goes between your legs if you aren't already. It keeps your hips better aligned during the night. I've found that during the day there isn't much besides resting that you can do to help. Sorry, I know it is painful. My doctor said physical therapy could help, so you could look into that if you wanted to. 


  • Thanks for the responses. I am currently using a pregnancy pillow (the boppy body pillow) everyday. My doctor says my swelling is common in late pregnancy and not cause for concern.

    It's only painful if I walk on it, put weight on it. If I'm just sitting or lying down, I don't feel any pain.  

    Sorry to all of the above posters who are also dealing with this. What an annoyance!  


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