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On waiting lists for daycare (in NYC)

Dear New York City Moms,

I've only been living in New York City for a couple of years, and I recently had a baby.  I'm curious as to what parents do if they are unable to get their child into a daycare?  Does everyone just go to hire a nanny?

In March, I put my baby on five waiting lists for daycares on the upper east side, and I was told that each of them had a one year waiting list.  Since it's now June, and we need someone by late August, we feel that we have to start interviewing nannies, which are about 50% more expensive than daycare.  Has anyone else had this same dilemma?

Re: On waiting lists for daycare (in NYC)

  • Try independent day care places... that is, instead of the big "franchises" that are out there, the little "mom and pop" places out there.  We just found a lady around the corner from us willing to take our baby beginning September and she currently only takes care of 3 other kids.
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    I am currently interviewing nannies and they are in the same price range as a daycare is in Manhattan for a newborn. Have you tried Craigslist for other moms trying to help their nannies find work, typically their children are now older and in school and are looking to help thrm land a new job. Also, have you looked into a nanny share? There is a website I think it's shareournanny.com for other families looking to get one nanny for 2 children and share the cost....
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  • Does your neighborhood have a parents listserv? I live in BK, and both Park Slope and Carroll Gardens have very active online parents groups that often post about childcare. Not sure if the upper east has the same, but I'd be surprised if not.
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  • July 19, 2013:  I have an update.  We got onto several waiting lists back in March 2013.  Since we didn't have much hope, we interviewed and made an offer to a nanny to start with us in September.  Amazingly, yesterday (July 18, 2013), we received a phone call from one of Preschool of America's locations saying they had an opening starting October 1, 2013.  We said yes immediately, then had to tell the nanny we wouldn't need her after October 1.  Today, I received a call from another Preschool of America location saying they had an opening on September 1, 2013; my baby could start at that location, then switch to the other location.  So I had to tell our nanny that we wouldn't need her at all, and I feel so bad about it.  On the upside, it is amazing that we got into Preschool of America, and we are very lucky.  
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