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First time being sick...

A week short of her first birthday, my LO finally caught a bug. I thought we were so lucky getting through the winter without any ear aches, flu, etc., but apparently I jinxed it. She woke yesterday with a 101 fever. We had a friend who is a nurse come by our house and said her ear canals were really red as well. My husband took her early this morning to her pedi and all she said was, "It's just a virus, let it run its course". I feel so helpless.

What are ways you have helped your LO through their sickness?


Re: First time being sick...

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    Sorry to hear LO is not feeling well. We usually get through sickness with Tylenol to help the fever and lots of snuggles! That's just about the only time DS will let me hold me for an extended amount of time! But if she gets stuffy then use the humidifier, saline drops, and suction.
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    When DS has a fever, he mostly likes to be held. Aside from giving Tylenol, a lukewarm bath helps the fever too.

    Hope your LO feels better soon.
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    Everything PPs said. Also, motrin /ibuprofen is really helpful in relieving inflammation. You can alternate it with the tylenol. Good luck! It's really hard having a sick little one. :(
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    Aww :( 

    I hope she is better soon. The first cold/flu is the worst but they really do bounce back quick.

    I use tylenol/advil alternating, saline drops, boogie wipes and humidifier. I move the humidifier from room to room. I find it really help her. And lots of naps! DD doesnt like eating while sick so I have pedialyte around to make sure she is hydrated and lots of cold fruit as its the only thing she will take a few bites of.

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    Tylenol, lots of cuddles and DS really likes a nice warm bubble bath
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    Hope your LO is feeling better!


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