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Need help figuring this out

So I don't post often but my son was born on June 28th last year, and I lurk here often and the suggestions have always been great.

I have two issues that I'm out of ideas for:  


So we have been blessed with a great scheduled sleeper, until 2 weeks ago. In the last two weeks he will go to bed after his last bottle like usual around 8ish but then within an hour like clock work he is awake again crying. We try to sooth him back to sleep in his room, but he won't calm down until we leave his room. Once I bring him downstairs he falls asleep in my arms again. Sometimes right away, sometime an hour or so later. Then he may do it again once or twice throughout the night, and we have to go through the same process.

 I have tried feeding him, which some nights helps, but I don't want him to get used to a middle of the night feeding. We haven't done that since he was 12 weeks old. I have tried letting him cry it out, which only makes him more upset.

 I'm not sure what to do at this point. I was thinking it may just be a growth spurt and he'll settle down soon, but its been two weeks.

 Any suggestions??

2) My son has what I call routine sinus/ ear infections, meaning he gets them every six weeks or so since he was four months old. We have been on antibiotics more times than I can count, and still he gets them. Each time he gets one he vomits daily (one time a day, not all day long), which we thought was due to the drainage, but now we are noticing he does it sometimes when he does not have a sinus infection. We have been to an ENT, and he said he is very healthy. I am thinking we need an allergist, but wanted to see if anyone else's child is having this type of problem. We have asked our pediatrician, and tried multiple medications and he doesn't know what is causing the vomiting.

 Thank you for any help you can offer and have a great weekend!

Re: Need help figuring this out

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    I don't know if I can be much help but I know that around the 12 month age they sometimes go through a "night terror" phase where they wake up screaming and nothing really calms them down. We haven't experienced it yet but I've heard stories. Usually when DS wakes up screaming inconsolably its due to teething.
    I can't really help you with 2 except it may be worth getting an allergy test for him? He might be allergic to something that is causing the vomit.
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    I would cut out all dairy from his diet as dairy is mucus producing and could be responsible for the sinus issues.  If he is not teething then I am inclined to lean toward food intolerance/allergy for the sleep issue.  My son had a lot of problems sleeping and we didn't figure out until later that it was due to a food intolerance to dairy and gluten.  Once we cut those out things improved greatly.  HTH and GL!  I will say a prayer for you.
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