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As DS gets closer to one...

I just lurked on the June 2013 board specifically to look at the HBDB posts. I miss being pregnant so bad! I'd love to be pregnant again, but I am just not ready to have another baby. Argh!! I LOVE the little threesome we have with DS, but boy do I wish I was pregnant.

 Although, I still have yet to have a PP period, so it really isn't even an option at this point! We decided we'd wait until DS is at least 2 to TTC again, but both of us retained the right to change our minds!

 I know there are quite a few June mamas pregnant again, and at least one that already has number two, how was/is pregnancy this time around? Totally different? Similar? Harder? Easier?

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Re: As DS gets closer to one...

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    APriceAPrice member
    I could have written this post almost word for word! I'm really interested in what the other June mamas have to say!

    Lately I have really been having baby fever and miss being pregnant....so I can totally sympathize with you!

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    I was feeling this way as DS was nearing 1 and I started to miss being pregnant and wanted to add to our family. BUT I was plagued with the stomach flu this week and it sure reminded me of the morning sickness days of my pregnancy. And now I miss it a little bit less.
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    I'm due with #2 in 9 weeks, and I'm finding it a bit more difficult this time.  I imagine it's due in part to how closely the two pregnancies are to each other.  I was only able to lose half the baby weight before getting pregnant again, so I'm definitely heavier this time, as a result, which brings about its own issues.  Then there's having DD to take care of, which also makes things a little tougher.

    When all is said and done, I think I'll be glad they are this close in age, and in our case we didn't really have much choice, since I am now 40 and the RE and OB both said we needed to get started on #2 ASAP after DD, but I'm looking forward to being finished with being pregnant for good after this one! 

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    SigirSigir member
    I am pregnant w no 3, due dec 10. It is hard to be pregnant w a 1 yr old IMO. I am exhausted beyond words, and LO is rough on my stomach! My dh always says I don't protect it enough frm LO, but what can I do when I am wrestling her to do something she does not want to do?

    If I was younger I would have waited longer for no 3, so if you are able to I'd recommend it. First tri was particularly rough... I was sicker than w LO, and it's tough to be so sick w a one year old.

    Sorry to sound so negative! We are thrilled to be expecting again, it's just not always easy IMO at least.
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    I have baby fever too! My H and I are going to start TTC in Jan. I want to lose some weight, take a trip to the dentist, financially prepare and have a little more time with Cooper. It's killing me to wait but waiting makes sense for our family.

    I'm imagining the 2nd pregnancy will be more difficult. Next time I won't be able to come home from work and pass out on the couch until bed time.
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    We're waiting till DS is 2 to TTC again. My dh leaves for deployment at the end of the year and I can't imagine being pregnant alone with a 1 year old...no way!
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    I think our plan is to wait until January-ish.  I'm definitely starting to get the baby fever though.  I love the age DD is right now but I miss the newborn stage too and miss being pregnant!
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    I have baby fever and I cant wait to add to our family but I didn't love being pregnant at all! I hope this time I will be too busy with DD to notice any unpleasant symptoms. We are going to try for #2 around Christmas if all goes well. I still have 2 weeks of maternity leave so I need to get back into my old swing of things before I get too caught up in baby fever!
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    We are expecting again due February so I am early in my pregnancy. So far its been great. I had a very easy pregnancy with DD and she is a very easy baby so I got lucky. I am a little nervous about having them so close together but we will make it work.
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