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About a month ago I posted in a thread about nighttime nursing and DH doing nighttime with DS when I work overnight shifts and you mentioned that you'd be curious to see what happens.

 Here's an update for you!

 After doing three nights in a row, DS stopped waking up as much. He's up once around 3am and then around 6am (he will nurse back to sleep until around 7:30am).

 On nights when I'm not home, he's only up once around 3am and will sleep straight until 7:30am. I personally believe, it's because when he wakes at 3am he gets a bottle and isn't interested in it again. He barely even takes an ounce when DH does nighttime duties!!!

Being back to work with different shift times makes me appreciate nighttime nursing, although I can't say I miss getting up every couple of hours. I'm not trying to actively night wean and one or two wakeups is totally manageable for me, and one is obviously very manageable for DH.

 Of course I can't say for sure if DH doing nighttime has contributed to DS waking less frequently, but it seems that way (considering he's up even less when DH does nighttime).

 Just thought I'd let you know how it's going!

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