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Thinking of switching to Tricare Standard

We are PCSing to Fort Bliss and I am considering changing to Standard since I am TTC at the age of 36 and not having results. I am charting and using the CBFM. Due to my age, I think I will be considered a higher risk so I am pretty sure I want to be seen off post. Are the MD's off post willing to order prenatal testing as requested by the patient? Or can I self refer to a RE after 6 months without a BFP? I want to also get as many lab tests done once I (hopefully) concieve! Is the NT scan standard for women over 35? I know there are many cutbacks in the military healthcare system and though I may not be a high risk for certain things, I want to do any and all options, even if I have to pay out f pocket.  Of course if the military doctor will work with me to be aggressive in my lack of ability to concieve, I would gladly stay at the hospital there at Bliss. Unfortunately, I have heard the few "high risk" providers still only offer what is absolutely medically needed. My piece of mind is not always "medically needed".  

Re: Thinking of switching to Tricare Standard

  • Forgot to add, I know there an annual deductible for spouse of $150. What others fees should I anticipate with Standard? 
  • If you do get pregnant all of you pregnancy care is covered under Standard.  The only things I had to pay for were my flu shot, a very small fee for the hospital stay, and some labs that were not 100% pregnancy related.  

    Over 35 makes you high risk.  I was 37 and as a result had 4 ultrasounds, the were all covered 100%.   As were all pregnancy related labs and prenatal and postnatal appointments.

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  • You do pay a deductible for non maternity appts, including a yearly pap smear.  

    You have a deductible of $100/$150 for single person depending on your sponsor's rank, and I think $150/$300 for family.  You also have a catastophic cap of $1000.  Those all renew yearly.  You pay up to your deductible before they start covering, then pay a percentage of your bills until you hit your catastrophic cap. 

    As far as an RE and infertility treatments, it depends on your locations.  I have 2 friends currently going through extensive infertility treatments on Prime.  We are in a huge military area though, and whatever wasn't able to be done on base they have been referred out to civilian Drs.  Both of them had started treatment at other bases and were able to continue where they left off, not start fresh here.  I would look into all your options before making a decision. 

  • Well I just got my BFP!! Of course I PCS in 2 weeks from alaska to Texas! Do I go to the doctor here or wait till I get to Texas? I want a NT scan and I know the window is small to get it.  

  • The NT scan is done between 11 and 14 weeks, usually around 12 weeks though.  Not all offices and practices offer it though.  My OB doesn't do them.  

    Most likely the Dr now would just do a confirmation of pregnancy.  If you want the confirmation now you can make the appt in Alaska.  I would also start looking into offices in Texas, and if you really are going to switch to Standard.  If you do switch it takes a short time period to go into effect once you submit the paperwork, so you should do that now so it's good to go when you get to Texas.   You can probably call and set up and appt with an office for when you get there.  

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