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    DS was quietly playing with his tractor last night while I was making dinner. All of a sudden I hear tons of giggling. I look over and DS is sitting on the coffe table clapping. He must have climbed onto the couch and then onto the coffee table. Dude... No.
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    Both of my kids have been climbers. My DS has a tooth that is now turning black because when he was 1 he climbed up something, fell and broke it in half when he hit the ground at daycare. we babied it back to health and thought we were out of the clear, but now at 3 yrs old it is dying :( there's not much that can be done about them climbing though unfortunately. ive tried everything. now i just make sure anything they can climb on is backed up to something that either blocks their ability to fall over it (ie the wall) or they have a padded landing area LoL
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