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My son will be 4 on Sunday and start pre school in August. Since I'm a SAHM, I've never really put him on a schedule. He's woke up whenever and went to bed whenever. It worked out good because I got to sleep in most days. But I want him to be ready for school. How did you get your kids on a schedule? 
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Re: Sleep Schedule

  • How late does he sleep in the mornings? what about naps? I would slowly start waking him up eariler. If he sleeps untill 10 am then start by waking him at 9 30 and then 9 and then 8 30, work your way down to the time he will be getting up for school. Also start putting him to bed earlier as well. My almost 4 year old goes to bed at 7 pm (if no nap) and wakes at 7 30 am. If he naps then he goes to bed at 8 30 pm and wakes at 8 am.
  • What time will he need to be at preschool? Then figure out how long it will take to get him ready to go and how long it takes to drive to school? Then you can pick a time you need to make sure he gets up by in order to be on time. My 4 yr old didn't nap anymore and was in bed lights out by about 7:45, hoping he would be asleep by 8pm. He would then wake up sometime between 6:30 - 7am. Occasionally he would sleep later 7:30ish, but not on an everyday basis. A schedule is just a routine. Something that we stick loosely to everyday. Especially since it's summer, things are a little different everyday, but bedtime stays close to the same time, maybe a little later on weekends depending on what is going on. If he's going to bed much later than 8pm, you will probably want to back bedtime up slowly over the course of a few weeks.
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