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Re-intro and IUD=MIA!

Hey everyone, 

I thought I would come out of lurking and do a re-intro. I used to post a lot on here then moved to the FB group. I left the FB group several months ago because I was sick of the drama. 

Cooper was born on 6/25 so I'm one of the later June moms. I love this stage! I have major baby fever right now but my H and I are trying to wait until Jan. 

Speaking of TTC-I went to have my Mirena removed today because it has been causing several ovarian cysts and is more of a headache than it's worth. They couldn't find the strings. :X I have an ultrasound tomorrow to make sure it's still in my uterus. Even if it is still there, they said they're almost positive it'll have to be removed surgically. Has this happened to anyone else? 
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Re: Re-intro and IUD=MIA!

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    Ugh scary! Mine is coming out next wednesday. I cant wait. Ive had some issues with it too. Hope it fell out and didnt escape 
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    SigirSigir member
    The nurse practitioner couldnt find my strings either but then after my us the dr tried and they were right there. Maybe someone else in the practice can try?
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    It was still in there-yay! Can't wait to get this thing out. 
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