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Moving on

Hi, ladies.

I just wanted to say thanks for the support over the past year and a half. DH and I have decided that we are done TTC#2.

We are becoming happier with our decision each and every day and feel that we have the family God wants us to have.

I never expected that our 2IF journey would end without a baby since we thought we knew how to solve our IF problem since we were able to have DS.

God and life sometimes takes us in places we never imagined and we are ready to savor those journies instead of continuing to force one that we had planned.

I wish you all the best and hope that you get your BFPs soon. And should life take you in a different direction, I hope you find peace and joy.

Dx: PCOS and short luteal phase
18 cycles (3 with our RE) - Metformin + Clomid + HCG booster did the trick!
BFP #1 6/22/09 EDD: 3/2/10 DS born: 3/8/10

TTC #2 since Dec 2011
BFP #2 7/8/12 EDD: 3/18/12 M/C @ 9w1d: 8/16/12

Re: Moving on

  • I'm sorry your journey ended differently than you had hoped.   It sounds like you and YH are handling it with a great attitude.  Hearing that gives me hope that I will be able to show the same grace when we end our journey in the next few months, probably without a baby as well.  Good luck to you.

    Me: 42. DH: 46.

    1st Pregnancy: MC, 11/19/00.

    2nd Pregnancy: DS born 04/10/06.

    3rd Pregnancy: CP, 03/11.

    4th Pregnancy: MMC, D&C 11/30/11, Genetic testing revealed Trisomy 4.

    5th Pregnancy: Ectopic, 2 doses of Methotrexate unsuccessful, surgery 4/10/12, right tube removed.

    Tried Letrozole January 2013-July 2013 (including 2 IUIs), all BFN.  After 2 1/2 years of trying for child #2, decided to "give up" after July cycle, based on AMA.

    August 16, 2013:  BFP our first month of "not trying!"  Still in shock.  Beta #1 (14dpo): 183.  Beta #2 (17dpo):  611.  Ultrasound 8/30/13: baby measured 6 weeks, 1 day, heart rate of 118 bpm! 
    Ultrasound 9/13/13:  8 weeks, heart rate of 176!
    Baby is due 4/26/14

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  • I'm so glad that you have found peace with your journey. We are also in the same boat and leaning more and more towards stopping TTC and focusing on our family as it is. Best wishes to you!

    Two DDs 10/08 and 08/10, no primary IF
    TTC #3 since 10/2011 - dx unexplained/weak ovulation
     3 BFN clomid + TI cycles, 5 BFN clomid/gonal f IUIs, 1 mmc IUI
    2/19/2014 IVF #1 Unexpected low E2 (oversuppressed) -> increased to max doses = 3 or 4 follicles, converting to IUI
    BFFP Saw 1 beautiful heartbeat at 6w6d, follow up u/s at 9w showed mmc. Eff this.
    NTNP 5/2014-9/2014, OPKs and TI 10/2014 - 1/2015. 
    RPL testing all normal, AFC, AMH, and FSH all normal. 
    IVF 1.2 1/22/2014 natural cycle start, AFC 28, 300 gonal f/150menopur. 
    ER 2/3/15 14R 8M 3F w/ICSI Day 5 transfer on 2/8/15 of one "Grade A+" blast and have TWO frosties! 


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  • kofmkgkofmkg
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    Big hugs!  Finding peace in a decision to end the IF journey is amazing!  Wishing you the best!

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    Love, luck, and prayers to my BFPB Dr. SnowflakeBride

  • I am so sorry and I wish you all the luck in your life. 
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  • I wish you all the best!

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  • Wishing you lots of peace with your decision. DH and I have been having these conversations a lot and I've started to try to think or our family as complete. We will be trying 1 cycle of IVF and will be done after that either way. I don't have high hopes as my DOR is pretty severe. SIF is such a roller coaster. Thanks for sharing your positive perspective :).
    Me 38, DH 34 Missed M/C 10/08 at 10 weeks DD born 8/09, TTC#2 since Jan 2011 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I have mainly been lurking here the past couple of months after all my craziness and I think i have unofficially come to the same conclusion of you.  It sounds like you are very much at peace with your decision and future plans and I wish you only the best!!
  • Wishing you all the best. I wish I was at that place of peace with my decision too. I think my body is done but my hearts just not there yet. I've been reading "Infertility Finding God's Peace in the Journey" and it really is helping me get to a better place. 

    First Time: DD born 3/2011 after trying for two years, LAP, and two IUIs w/ Femera + Ovidrel
    This Time: 4/12 Femera IUI #1 BFN, 5/12 Femera + TI BFN, 6/12 Femera + IUI #2 BFN, 7/12 Femera + IUI #3 BFN, 8/12 Follistim IUI #4 BFN
    IVF #1: ER 11/5/12 : 17 eggs retrieved/6 fertilized, ET 11/10/12 : 5dt of 2 embies/0 frosties BFN
    IVF #2: ER 1/28/13 : 12 eggs retrieved/9 fertilized, ET 2/2/13 : 5dt of 2 embies/0 frosties BFN
    IVF #3: ER 4/15/13 : 13 eggs retrieved/7 fertilized, ET 4/18/13 : 3dt of 3 embies/0 frosties BFN
    Laparoscopy 5/24/13 : Stage 2 Endo, Scaring, and Both tubes Blocked but successfully Opened
    IVF #4 (Clinical Trial): ER 7/22/13 : 15 eggs/8 fertilized, ET 7/25/13 : 3dt of 3 embies/0 frosties BFN
    IVF #5: ER 11/4/13 : 13 eggs/12 fertilized, ET 11/9/13 : 5dt of 2 embies/0 frosties BFP!!! Beta 11/20/13 = 447 1 Beautiful Baby! EDD: July 28, 2014
  • I know that this is a hard decision to come to.  Your words are very inspiring.  You have worded the sentiments that we have also begun to realize.  We are giving this one last shot for the summer.  Then will decide whether to be done or try 1 cycle of IVF.  Best wishes for continued peace and a happy life.

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    DD conceived after 3 years of ttc.
    MFI - DH had varicocele repair and took Clomid to get DD b. 02/2010

    TTC #2 since 6/2010
    10/2012 DH diagnosed with Epilepsy
    A few failed IUIs summer 2012 and 2013. 
    DH taking clomid and waiting to see if he needs another vericocele repair. 
    Hoping for a 2015 baby or babies. 
    Wishing, hoping, waiting.

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