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Any local Natural/Crunchy Moms Facebook page?

I was lucky enough to be a part of a great local crunchy mommies facebook page in Alabama and now up here in the NW I can't seem to find any!  Only local ad/sales pages.  I was hoping to find something where moms could share info, give advice, on all things crunchy.

If no one knows of any, would you be interested in joining one if I started it? I am in Federal Way, 18 wks pregnant, EDD is 11/9/13.  Just wanting to easily share and discuss all natural parenting ideas.

Re: Any local Natural/Crunchy Moms Facebook page?

  • There is a Natural Parents group on Also the Seattle chapter of Attachment Parenting International has a very active listserv and lots of meetups. There is a Facebook group called Get Crunchy which is not all local and not very active. Hopefully someone who lives further South will chime in with some more ideas. Welcome to the area!
  • Do you CD?  I started a local CD group on fb and oftentimes CD mamas tend to lean toward the crunchy side! :)  If you search Seattle Cloth Diaperers you should find it. :)  I would also be interested in a local group about all natural/crunchy parenting in general. :)
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  • We are returning back to WA actually but thank you.  I totally forgot about Meetup!  They didn't really have down south, I will have to check it out!
  • Awesome!  I can set up the page, what should we call it?  Crunchy Moms of the NW?
  • Okay I have made the page, you should be able to request to join, and please share! 

    Crunchy Moms of the NW

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