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Crib to bed transition

Anyone else working on this now? It kind of seems like teaching her to fall asleep all over again. And even with the guard rail on the bed, she's managed to fall out twice so far, although she wasn't as upset the second time around.

Naps seem particularly diificult and she's been taking her diaper off during naps and peeing the bed. I'm glad we have almost 5 months to figure this out before the baby comes.
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Re: Crib to bed transition

  • I figure we'll wait until she's 15 to transition from the crib to the bed. That seems like a good age, right??

    So not looking forward to this. It seems like there are so many transitions going on this year - potty training, ditching the high chair, ditching the paci, transitioning to a bed, and I'm sure there are a few more. Sigh.

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  • We just transitioned DS1 about a week ago. It was easier than I was expecting (and am so grateful for that). We tried about 3 months ago and he was not having it so we tried again and it went much smoother. His big boy bed has been in his room for the last six months so he has gotten used to it being in there. After the first failed attempt we kept talking up his new big boy bed and how great it was and how exciting it would be to sleep in it. I would cuddle with him in it and read stories to him while on it before placing him in his crib for the night. Then the week before we had a count down and finally the day of we kept telling him that "this is the night!". He cried for about 5 minutes but then was over it. He gets out of bed sometimes (probably once a night every other night) but so far it has not been too bad. Now I need to transition DS2 into the crib in DS1's room (right now DS2 is in our room). I am not looking forward to that transition.  
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  • I dread this more than weaning from the paci and potty training! I seriously think I will wait until she is 3.
  • We just transitioned last week.  To my great and pleasant surprise, my son has actually been sleeping BETTER since then.  I think he was ready though.  He climbed out of his crib 3 times in two days, so it was time.  Is your daughter ready?  Perhaps she still enjoys the security of a crib?  Just a thought.  Anyway, my friend transitioned her son recently and had to go into his room multiple times to put him back in bed.  Perhaps tell your daughter that it's time for bed and she needs to sleep in her bed like a big girl.  My son loves being a "big boy."  Also, in regards to the diaper, is she ready for potty training?

    Good luck.

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  • I dread transitioning. We bedshared on vacation this week, and if I didn't lay down with her she wouldn't stay in bed. Coming back home was horrible, because last night she wanted me to rub her hand to sleep. (She NEVER had a problem falling asleep by herself before)

    If anything it solidified my belief that she is DEFINITELY not ready to be out of a crib yet--especially since even with her flipping out last night, she still made no attempt to climb out.

    Between this, the paci and potty training--I am not looking forward to the next few months. 

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  • We did the transition about 3 weeks ago. Went great except her bed is right next to the window and some nights she played with the blinds instead of sleeping. I pushed her bedtime back just a little bit and she's been going right to sleep. She has not tried to climb out of bed in the middle of the night luckily. 

    Potty training is going extremely well! She decided and I followed her lead. She went for it the day after her 2nd birthday.

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  • We switched her right when she climbed out of her crib. It freaked me out too much. 

    I just decided that I was going to put in the work, so to speak, at the beginning, and know that it would pay off. So yes, she kept getting out of bed and coming out to where we were, but I was firm and patient in taking her back in, tucking her in, and telling her that it was nap time and she needed to stay in bed. The worst was honestly just the first couple days. 

    Bedtime was a slightly different story...for some reason she was scared and wanted us in there. So we started just laying by her bed while she fell asleep. Then after a week we sat by her door. Then after another week, I simply told her I was going to go sit out on the couch with daddy. Maybe I'm just lucky with the fact that that worked for her, but I also think it was really helpful for her to just take the transition slowly. 

    Hope that helps someone! And I'm with others on the potty training thing. NOT excited, haha.
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  • We did it in March I think. He did great. He didn't even get out by himself for a few weeks (except for the times he fell out... oops). We didn't do quits/covers though, so maybe that helped it seem more like a crib. 
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  • I know this feed is a little old, but we transitioned our little man to his big boy bed on Christmas night, 2013. He was 2 1/2. :) Santa brought him a Lightning McQueen racecar bed, and he took to it right away. He is obsessed with cars, so the fact that he got to sleep in "Light Queen" (as he calls it) made it is easiest transition ever! We put Cars decals on his wall as well, and he said "i get to sleep by all of my friends." I think he feels very safe in there with them, and that keeps him in his bed all night long. :)
  • It might be old, but it's nice to see it revived.  We haven't transitioned yet, but are looking to do so this spring/summer.  Seeing what worked for others is helpful :)  I'm hoping we'll be all right, but you never know until you do it!
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