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Holy name?

So I'm new to the area and two people have said they would never deliver at Holy Name medical center. Their reasoning was based on others accounts and not first hand. My docs only deliver at Holy Name. They are awesome!
Please tell me experiences you have had with this hospital. Good or bad.
Thank you!!!

Re: Holy name?

  • I delivered via c-sec in 09 and I had no issues staff was great. I deli paver in 2012 @ hackensack. Both experiences were great. What matters is that your comfortable with your dr
  • I delivered at holy name in march 2013. I had a great experience. Great room awesome nurses and we had so many visitors after she was born. They are also flexible with visiting hours for family. They didn't have a lactation consultin so If your bf I would get one. Other then that loved it and will go back for number two!
    Jenny DiLo
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  • My OB also delivers out of HNH and I had a great experience.  I delivered in Nov 2011 at 33 weeks and staff and doctors were great! Had a short NICU stay as well.
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  • No personal experience as this is my first but ive known MANY women who have delivered there and were satisfied. This is where i plan on delivering. I say plan because i just moved back here after 2 yrs away and dont have a doc yet.
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  • Holy name is a great hospital but Englewood and Hackensack are known for their labor and delivery departments.
  • My OB is w HNH and I was been treated there when I had my D&C, the staff took very good care of me and the nurses were very sympathetic , my husband has been treated there as well ... Based on our experiences and the OB  I feel comfortable delivering there.
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