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freaking out ( intro)

DS will be one year in june end..i just found out i am pregnant again ..i think i am 4w4d right now... so they will be like 20months apart... i am freaking out.. we had unprotected sex just once and i am ebfing... i never thought i would get pregnant ...we have no problem financially...but the idea of two under two is freaking me out.. i am hyperventilating... please tell me everything will work out and i will love this baby as much as i love DS...  
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Re: freaking out ( intro)

  • I've had some panic moments myself. I think it's normal! Mine will be 13 months apart. I'm like "wait, didn't I JUST do all this??" You will be fine! 
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  • We're freaking out too. We found out a few weeks ago that we're expecting twins and out DD will be less than 18 months when they arrive. You'll do just fine and remember it could be scarier. ;
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  • Ours will be 14 or 15 months apart and I have definitely had my moments of freaking out.  We didn't even think I could get pregnant (adopted DD), so it's a huge blessing/miracle but extremely overwhelming and I don't think the crazy pregnancy hormones helps!
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  • Wow! We are in a really similar situation. I too was EB, and we conceived a month before dd turned 1. I am 9 weeks now and am still freaking out.
    Honestly, just freak out, let yourself freak out, there is a lot to freak out about and it's best to get it out of the way ASAP. One of my main concerns was the morning sickness which was horrific with dd and the fact I have no support network everyone died or moved away in the space of a year...

    Either way, good luck!
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  • Mine are 18m apart. It was hard at first but I LOVE it now. They play together all the time.

    We want a third and now I wish we would have had the 3rd sooner instead of a larger age gap.



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