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Teeth...how many now?

Couldn't get the clicky poll to work, so you have to respond with your answers!   How many teeth does your June baby have?


Caleb has 12 teeth (4 on the top, 4 on the bottom, and 4 molars) and is currently teething 3 canines. We saw the dentist for the first time this week. She said he is teething about 6 months behind normal.

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Re: Teeth...how many now?

  • DD has 16, almost 18 since her bottom 2 year molars are in the process of breaking through.  She got her first teeth around 4 months so she's been ahead of the game a lot.

    P.S. YGPM :) 

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  • Ours has all of his teeth.  We are done until he gets his adult teeth start to come in around the 6 year point.
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  • All of them except his 2nd year molars.  I'm sure those will make an appearance soon though!!


  • We have all except 2 of the 2 year molars, the top molars are in but not the bottom.
  • imagetas1883:
    All but the 2 top 2 year molars are in.nbsp; Who knows they could have popped through by now.nbsp; It is getting harder and harder to keep track.nbsp;

    Same here. I think he's working on them though because he's had a few rough nights.
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  • DD has had all her teeth except 2 year old molars for over a year now. She's been a little irritable lately, picky with food (unusual) and having trouble sleeping so I think she may be working on them. Her doctor confirmed she thinks she's working on the bottom 2 at her appointment last Friday.

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  • milescmilesc member
    We are waiting on all 4 2year molars and both bottom canines 
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  • 16

    DS1 -6/25/11

    DS2 -3/23/13

    Missed MC D&C 8/26/14

    DD - 8/26/15

    LO#4 due 5/30/17

  • 20 - the top two back molars are solidly working their way in - such a pain for her and us.
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  • imageWulfgar:
    Ours has all of his teeth.  We are done until he gets his adult teeth start to come in around the 6 year point.

    Us too.  Thank God!  She was a terrible teether. 

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    All are welcome


  • Just 12.  Still waiting for those canines and 2nd year molars to appear.  She's also always been 6-7 months behind on teeth, so I'm expecting the canines any day!
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  • 0hkgbs0hkgbs member
    16. Just waiting on the 2yr molars. 
  • We have all of them here with the exception of the 2 year molars. We are getting near though because I can see the corner of the bottom ones poking through their gums. I can't wait until they are all in!
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