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Different feelings while P'ingOAS

So when I was trying, it was like-

Wee! I can start testing today! We had sex everyday during our fertile window! Pee on stick just perfectly. Watch it the whole time. Hold up to light. Pray for line. See evap later. OMG what if it wasnt though? Ugh. It's a little to the side. It's only been 5 min. Is that a line!?!?! Baby dust to me! 

POAS when not wanting a baby-

Ugh. Ok. Freaking EIGHT dollars? Gasp. That better be an evap line. Did we even have sex that week? Wait, like I even know what week that was. Eh. Ok. Negative. Whew! Announce to my husband that "JM is NOT the father." 

 Sorry if this is insensitive to those who are trying, but it was so crazy the differences in the 2 experiences.  


Re: Different feelings while P'ingOAS

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    i totally get what you are saying.. i am in the same boat right now.i am 3 days late..i would love another baby but it is just too soon ... just freaking out to even buy a test ..
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    I understand. Buy some internet cheapies or dollar store tests that way you are not out $8 bucks and you can have them for stand by.
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    I'm almost in the same boat. AF is due tomorrow, and there's no sign she's gonna show. I'm nervous! I might test in the morning. I want another baby someday, just not this soon! 
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    I'm crazy personally. We're not trying but we had lots of unprotected sex this month. Now I'm praying that AF doesn't appear, even though I know that we really don't need to have 3 right now. I'm certifiably insane.

    That's not crazy. DH's cousin just announced she's pregnant and having a boy the end of November. That will make 3 girls and 3 boys. Oh yea, and they'll all be under 10. That's insane.
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    Totally understand except mine was positive and I hyperventilated on the kitchen floor. Dh actually had to leave work b/c I was so freaked out. DS2 was the best surprise but it took me a while to get use to the idea of having kids so close together.
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    Completely understand! We tried for 7 months to get pregnant with James so when FI said I should test at only 11 weeks pp I told him he was crazy. But lo and behold 1 wek later when I tested it was positive. I was in shock for about 2-3 weeks before finally coming out of it and feeling happy.
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