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Maternity Pants

Why did I wait so long to buy maternity pants?!? They are the BEST! 

I've been trying to squeeze into my old pants or buying pants that are clearly too big but fit my bigger belly.  I was worried that maternity pants wouldn't fit yet though because they are meant to go over an even bigger belly--but it turns out, they fit great.  And actually, it is SO nice to finally be wearing pants that fit my legs and hips again, and don't make me look like a whale, that I'm definitely going to get more!  It does feel a little weird to have the stretchy belly part over my little bump, but it feels much better than tight pants. :)

Re: Maternity Pants

  • Omg I know exactly what you mean. I bought a BeBand last week but it was a pain to readjust it every time I went to the bathroom which we know is a lot. So I went and got 3 pairs of maternity pants today. And all I can say is Ahhhh, relief!!
  • Which brand of pants?? I went to Destination Maternity but they had nothing suitable for work especially in the Summer.
  • At Destination Maternity this week have gotten 3 new styles of dress pants. since our seasons are different from other clothing stores we are already clearancing our summer items and receaving fall product. Thats cause customers who like me are 3 mos along are more interested in clothing for the future. but make sure you look at the whole store, we have 2 brands in our store, and the front half tends to scare women who are more used to shopping at places like old navy.

    but all the clothing at a real maternity store is designed to last you your whole pregnancy (in the 9th month its likely that nothing will be comfortable since your ready to just be done and meet the little one), that way you dont have to waste money buying new clothing every few monthes. and even though i am currently expecting my first, ive been wearing some maternity clothing for almost 5 years, cause most of it doesnt scream 'look at me im prego,' you really do have to have a bump to even tell that it is a maternity top/pant.

  • I KNOW!! Best thing ever!! I went to Target. They don't have an amazing selection, but their jeans are super comfortable. I also got a pair of leggings that roll up to cover my stomach! Their sizes are a little big, I'm normally a XL but in maternity I'm only a L sometimes a M!
  • How do you spell relief???  M-A-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y P-A-N-T-S
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  • I wear my pants pretty tight. I decided to do the switch over at 11 weeks and haven't looked back. No more 1pm regular pant regret!!! Do you ladies also find it helps with afternoon nausea? I find my symptoms have decreased.
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