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I get irrationally bent out of shape when I see previews for the new movie The Purge. I know it's fake, it'd never happen, and isn't based on real lyfe, but ZOMG who in their right mind would think a 12 hour window ceasing all laws would be a good idea? It's so stupid. I yell at the tv.

PS I had to re-write this because I started ranting about how stupid the thought is. IT'S JUST A MOVIE 

"I stammered, unable to form a coherent thought because I have a vagina."




  • I've never heard of that movie, Betty. 

    My FFFCs:  I dislike the triple decker Oreos because they break apart too easily when you try to dunk them in milk.  Also,  I'm starting to get over Buzzfeed.  Some of their recent articles have made me stabby.   



    Unable to even.  


    You don't understand the appeal of Benedict Cumberbatch / think he's fug / don't know who he is? WATCH SHERLOCK.  Until you do, your negative opinion of him will not be taken seriously.

  • I am 100% with you on that, Betty!

    I have no FFFC because I am lame.

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  • I've never heard of it either  but that dies sound incredibly stupid and I ber DH  makes me watch it someday.

    My FFFC is that it took tears (indirectly) to finally get DH to start watching Dr. Who again.

    My second FFFC is that I was so excited that I took my bowl of watermelon, phone and water downstairs and just sat on the the couch like the old days. It took a couple minutes for me to remember that I had to go get El oh nor from my bedroom because the baby monitor is in Ikes room still. MOTY. DH didn't remember either.

  • imageDC2London:

    And I am known in the neighbourhood as the naked lady. How do I know this? My H was woken up the other night when our neighbour was drunkenly yelling as he returned home from the bar that he "couldn't see any boobies" in our window.  


    I'm sorry about the sad and depressing things, whatever they are :(

    FFFC: my kid's new favorite activity is to watch 1D videos and shout out who he sees.  Is that flammable?  LMK. 

    No. It's fabuLouis.

    "I stammered, unable to form a coherent thought because I have a vagina."



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