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Postpartum Depression

XP from BMB: postpartum anxiety

I had such a long post but my phone ate it.nbsp;I am struggling with anxiety right now. It gets a little worse every day. I have a doctors appt tomorrow.nbsp;It doesn't seem to focus on the baby most of my anxiety is focused on my husband and my older daughter.nbsp;The other night I heard the first aid whistle and I just knew that my husband was in a terrible car accident. Even though I knew he was at work. I start to rewrite the story in my mind where maybe he left work early because he wanted to surprise me.nbsp;Elizabeth is on a class trip today to the beach to study hurricane sandy damage. I know that she's going to drown or the bus is going to be in an accident or she'll be left behind or she'll eat something she's allergic to or fall down the stairs of the light house . I will not be able to relax until I see her at 3 o'clock.nbsp;I don't really know why I'm posting this. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I know the way that I'm feeling is normal but also not normal. I haven't talked to anybody my family about it and I guess I just wanted to get it out. I haven't had any thoughts of harming myself or anyone else but I have anxiety about that too. That these thoughts was suddenly start and I won't be able to recognize the place it's coming from and I will be able to stop myself. I know I need to see the doctor.

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Re: XP from BMB: postpartum anxiety

  • First of all (HUGS). 

    PPA is really tough.

    I had/slightly still have thoughts like you, where I just KNOW something is going on with DD or my health.  The only logical explanation for mild symptoms is some horrible disease.

    It is exhausting.  The fact that you have anxiety about harming yourself or harming others shows how normal you are, if that makes sense.  People who end up harming have no anxiety about the action.

    I would call your OB or general doctor asap and maybe even think about seeing a counselor.  

    With all of the hormone fluctuations, exhaustion, life changes, etc that you are going through, it is no wonder every woman doesn't go through PPA or PPD.

    Good luck and I hope you find peace soon. 


  • I could have written much of your post myself. PPA/PPD are terrible to experience. Talk with your support person-SO/spouse/friend/family member. You do not have to struggle in silence. I agree with PP about getting a counselor. They can help tremendously on learning thought-stopping techniques for the anxious feelings and many other therapies. And definitely talk to your health care provider, you may benefit from meds. www.postpartum.net is the website for Postpartum Support International and they have resources listed for each state. Each state has volunteers listed that provide peer support via email, phone, and sometimes support groups. If you are lucky enough to live in a state that has support groups, I would recommend attending. They can be so helpful. But also, you could be directed to counselors in your area that deal with postpartum issues because they are vastly different from other anxiety/depressive disorders since it's hugely tied to hormones. I had a combo with my first baby and unfortunately have been hit again. It sucks, but I am getting help much sooner this time and that gives me hope for a quicker recovery. Remember you are a strong person for reaching out. I wish you much health!
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