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Postpartum Depression

The first two weeks

My MW and I believe I am suffering from PPD. I am happy that I will soon be getting help but I am so sad that I won't have happy memories of bringing her home and her first few weeks. Even worse when they first handed her to me I felt nothing. I never had an overwhelming joy. I wanted the nurses to take her away so I could get dressed and go pee. I am sad that I won't have a beautiful birth story to tell her. I am trying to write down nice moments I have with her so that when I feel better I can read them and hopefully rewrite our story but I feel so terrible that this is what has happened.

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Re: The first two weeks

  • I also suffered from PPD and I am still dealing with the emotional impact of a less then ideal hospital experience in the days following my son's birth. What I am learning is that every day as my love for my baby grows I think less and less about those negative hospital experiences. The love and happiness I experience every day with him far out weighs those early days. I think the image of women instantly falling in love with their baby and having the best time of their life in those early weeks is totally unrealistic. This sets new moms up to feel like failures, which we are not. The best advice I can give you is, allow yourself time to fall in love with your baby. It will happen, and you will have a million more happy moments compared to the sad moments in those early days.
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