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I am glad to see

That people still post here even though our babies are turning 2! 

 We still only have Georgia, not really planning on having anymore. I am sure some of us have two or are even working on #3 by now. :)

Did elisbu have another? I know she wanted to right away. 

Re: I am glad to see

  • Elisbu had Anna in October.

    One person that i can think of is pregnant with 3 since our may babies. Anyone else??
  • Lots of second babies have been born and many more are currently pregnant. DH wants to go for 3U3 but I'm pretty sure I don't want to TTC until Audrey is at least 3 years old. 
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  • Hey pook!

    DS 6.12.11

    Hypermenorrhea, Anovulatory & Hypothyroid


    My Lack of Ovulation Chart
  • image mullenem:

    Pook!  Georgia is adorable.

    We had a recent loss but will hopefully be trying again for #2 this month.  We'll more than likely be 2 and done though.

    There are still a few people around but it's pretty slow.

    Thank you :)

    good luck with baby #2 

  • Hi! I didn't know someone was already pregnant with #3 (who had #1 with us, that is)! I've had 2 pregnancies since DD1, but the first ended in a m/c and the second in DD2. I had 2u2 for a couple of months, and we do want a 3rd, but we'll be waiting to TTC until late next summer, so DD1 would be about 4-4.5ish if it works out as we hope.

    BFP1: DD1 born April 2011 at 34w1d via unplanned c/s due to HELLP, DVT 1 week PP
    BFP2: 3/18/12, blighted ovum, natural m/c @ 7w4d
    BFP3: DD2 born Feb 2013 at 38w4d via unplanned RCS due to uterine dehiscence

  • good luck to all the May mommas trying for #2 and 3! I think I am 1 and done bug we will see!


    Brandon Vincent
    May 16, 2011

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