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Curious what other moms would do...

Just want some opinions....


Nash still wakes 2-3x a night and will only fall back asleep if he gets a bottle. He was STTN right when he turned a year old, sometimes would wake at 4am for a paci. He was recently sick with a cold in his eyes, then a cold, then pneumonia! While he was sick, I would sleep with him, in his room, on the spare bed in there. He would sleep great in the big bed.

 Long story short--should I transition him to the big bed where he is comfortable at 16 months old and hope the bottle waking nonsense goes away on it's own? Or reduce bottle ounces, CIO, or whatever method breaks the mold to get rid of the bottle while he is still in his crib?(I have tried CIO before and some nights it worked, others he would cry for 3 hours) 


Thanks Ladies!  

Re: Curious what other moms would do...

  • Are you doing milk or water in the bottle?  When I was weaning DS off of night feedings I started offering him water in a bottle rather than the boob. It worked. He got the comfort of sucking, but without the calories, so he ate more during the day, and woke up less to eat at night. 
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  • I just put WCM in the bottles. I tried reducing the ounces last night from 6oz down to 4oz and he still woke up just as often and was really upset when the bottle was gone so quickly. I'm going to try water tonight. Thanks! 
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  • we did CIO with DS several months ago but I know that's not everyone's preference. I knew he wasn't hungry but we both had to get sleep. DH works nights so it was just me getting up 3x a night and I just couldn't do it anymore. do what works for you if you feel sleep training will help, read up on different methods. personally i wouldn't move DS to a big bed because he's not ready but only you know your LO best.
    good luck!
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    I think if you feel he is ready for the big bed then go for it. My cousin moved her DS into a toddler bed at 15 months and he did great. It all depends on the kid but I would stop co sleeping right away and break that habit. My DS started getting up during the night and wouldn't let me put him down, he wanted to be cradled. I stopped cradling him to go down for the night and he stopped within a couple days [thank god!]. GL!
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  • If your LO can get out of bed safely, and he sleeps better in a big bed, then I say - Do Whatever Gets All Of You The MOST Sleep. :)
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