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Hi Everyone

Super quiet around these parts lately. Hope all are well! Not much going on around here. Our grill broke so now we have to get a new one. It's only five years old so I'm pretty annoyed. Family stuff going on, most of which isn't so good, so I'm hoping for a turn around for everyone soon. Can't believe my little brother is getting married in less than two months. Did I tell you all I finally got a dress?

thats my random thought post for now :) 

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Re: Hi Everyone

  • Hi! I'm chugging along. That's about it. Hope everyone is doing well!
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  • Hi there! I hope things improve with your family stuff, Jenny! 

    I'm getting my hair chopped off on Saturday and I can't wait! 

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  • hola

    We are moving into a new house this weekend.  That's all I got.  =)



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