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Won't nap in crib

our babe is 7 weeks and sleeps well in her crib at night but during the day she cries and cries if we put her in her crib (even if we put her down asleep). I'm afraid we will be creating a monster if we always let her nap in her bouncer or in our arms. Is 7 weeks still too young to let her cry it out? 

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    7 weeks is definitely too young to let her cry it out. At that age they don't understand anything but what makes them feel better. You can NOT spoil an infant. My daughter slept in her bouncer seat for the first 4 weeks until we bought a Rock N Play sleeper - best purchase I have ever made. She then slept in that for naps and at night until she was about 4 months old. She prefered that snuggled feeling that the RnP or bouncer gave her. You can try swaddling too - but my daughter hated that. I would put her in her crib while she was awake, after diaper changes and just here and there, so she would get used to it. Eventually she didn't mind sleeping in there and the transition from the RnP to the crib wasn't bad at all. Good luck!

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    Ditto pp.  You can't spoil your baby that young :-)  Cherish those sleepy snuggles, when they're mobile and independent you'll want those times back.  Can you get one of those baby bjorns and strap her to your chest so you can still get some simple stuff done at home?

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  • Thank you both. There is so much trial and error with a newborn I love to hear from other parents. I love the snuggle time, how can you not right!?
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