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End of year gift for teacher

What if anything do you do for a public school teacher. DS is in Kindergarten. I assume the class parent will do a collection and then it will be from the entire class, I want to do something else. I will have DS write her a letter and I was thinking of maybe buying a book for her classroom. Any other thoughts?
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Re: End of year gift for teacher

  • Every class/school does it different.  We do not do collections for any gift as a class.  I typically do gift cards ($10-$25 depending on the position - teacher, para, etc) for Starbucks, a bookstore, Target, a spa, etc.
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  • As a teacher, I really, really appreciate thank you notes from kids and parents.

    I treasure personal notes from my students and have kept every one I've received since my first year of teaching.

    I also really like when parents write me a thank you email and cc: the principal.  Administrators take these things very seriously, and this is a meaningful way to go on record with your appreciation of a teacher.  It costs you nothing more than time and consideration, but it can make a huge impact on a teacher's career.

    Gift cards are fine, especially to food places or book stores.  Food is also a good bet.  I'm sure elementary teachers would appreciate classroom books, although you'd have to know what kind of books they're looking for and already have.

    Teachers receive a lot of small gift items/decorations/baskets/candles; they can't possibly keep them or use them all.  Some of them inevitably get tossed.

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  • We bought DD's Kindergarten teacher some flowers (let the kiddo pick them out) and a little painted rock (she's a "rock hound")..  That with the letter is an "easy" way to go...


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  • D S wrote a letter last night, he insisted on it right away when I told him even though we have two weeks left! I will aww after he gives it to her. I am also going to order DS two fav books. One is his fav book from the beginning of the year and is a Scholastic level 1 and the other is setup like a chapter book but is still a beginning reading book. The class Mom did a collection for Christmas so I am going to email her asking I she plans on doing the same. If not I will get a small GC to go with the letter and books.
    Jen - Mom to two December 12 babies Nathaniel 12/12/06 and Addison 12/12/08
  • I ordered personalized thank you cookies from the bakery $4, and a $25 gift card to  book store and target for some.  
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