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New to Fort Wayne

Hi! I'm a FTM due in early December. My husband and I just moved to Fort Wayne last week for his job. I'd love to hear from any of you ladies in the area. Don't know anyone yet. Looking for a good OB, places to shop, etc.

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  • I hope you have found glenbrook mall and jefferson point already, if not those are the two malls here.
    Woman's health advantage is one of the bigger OB clinics here. I saw Dr Sporre with them and loved him. He was quick with visits but if you did have questions he took time to answer and explain.
    The two big hospital networks are Lutheran which includes Lutheran, St Joseph, and Dupont. Parkview is the other. Dupont was great this is where I delivered but I have been in the rooms at Parkview too and they are nice. I would request tours to see where you want to deliver. Good luck and welcome to Fort Wayne.
  • I sent you a private message before i saw this! But i would second women's health advantage and the Dupont recommendation. Parkview North is newly rennovated and expanded so i'm sure it's nice there. If you go through Lutheran iwould for sure say Dupont.. they have Welcome Baby consultants who will sit down with you and go over all of the free classes, do a tour, etc. It's really nice!

     There are two Motherhood stores- one in the Glenbrook Mall and one at Jefferson Pointe Shopping Center like pp said. There is also a section in Macy's on the bottom floor next to the swimsuits (near the baby section) that is Motherhood. They have some of the same stuff but also a lot of different stuff and lots on clearance. Our Target stores have small maternity sections and so does Babies R Us although everything seems more expensive there (maternity wise)

     I'm not sure what side of town you live on or what you like to do but- Germanfest is going on downtown this weekend! It's a lot of fun- you should think about checking it out!

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    Thanks for the recommendations! I'm going to be calling Women's Health Advantage today to set up my appt!
    I have found the malls! I love Jefferson Point and its close to my house so that is nice and convenient.
  • I am also in Fort Wayne. I picked Parkview Regional Medical Center to deliver at because it's a wonderful hospital and they have a seperate Women and Children's hospital and great birthing amenities. They offer free classes, and free birth planners to help you figure everything out. My OB is Dr. Blackmon at Northeast OBGYN. She's absolutely wonderful and the sweetest woman I've ever met.
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