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Wont STAY on the potty

Anyone else going through this?  DS won't stay on the potty.  He has done very well with peeing on the potty but as soon as he sits down he says he's done. 


Obviously I can still hear him peeing and I bring that to his attention saying that he can't get down until it stops!  But pooping in that split second is another story.  He will say he has to go and as soon as he sits down says he's done.


I've tried books and toys but really they just distract him.   Any suggestions?

Re: Wont STAY on the potty

  • I have had the same problem, he'll get on the potty, but thinks he's done immediately.  I usually sing him a song, which keeps him entertained long enough to sit, but doesn't distract him so much that he doesn't go.  Some people suggest using a timer, but I haven't tried that yet.

    Good luck! 

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